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Loving the Cledus episode…

So much fun! And full of good, deep moments, stories that could only be told by folks who’ve been in the game. A new fave.

Great interviewer!

Marty Ray is a great guy, great American and a amazing interviewer. Love his show with amazing guests.

Brian Vander Ark

I’m listening to the Brian Vander Ark episode right now. You never know if you were just talking to yourself or not by writing one of these out but I figured I’d let it rip. This is one of the most underrated podcasts I have in my regular rotation library and always makes for a good listen. It’s very rare when you can actually share a story about a guest on the podcast. One of my teachers when I was a freshman in high school was a good friend of Brian Vander Ark’s. We had a talent show at our high school with most everyone putting a band together to play it. He was able to get Brian to close out the show with an acoustic show as well as giving a speech to the crowd. It’s been over 15 years but I still remember how nice and positive of a person he was. It’s nice how things like that stick with you as life goes on. Marty bring a very talented and positive person made for a very fitting episode. Reach out to Theo Von next and get him on the show! He is a Tennessee boi now. GangGang. 🙅‍♂️

Love this show!

Marty and Chris might be musicians but they are epic podcast hosts. Hilarious, love listening!

Such a great show! Can I give it 10 stars?!!

Love the conversations, very entertaining! If you are looking for your next podcast, this is the one! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!


Now this is what my arsehole, I mean my ears needed

You’ll Listen

You like looking off into the distant while people have the most fascinating & interesting chats around? Then you’re going to effin’ love this!


Loving the podcast! Great insight and fun conversation.

Best new podcast on Apple Podcasts!

Wow! Look at these guests. One to watch for sure. 5 STARS!!!

Excellent and fun show

I’m happy I met Marty Ray and learned of his music! Such a soulful and genuine guy. Real and entertaining 👍🏻 A.G.

Amazing Cast!

I can’t wait for the next episode every week! I’m a little bias though because the owner of this podcast is my husband...jk it’s still me, Marty. Haha!


I love this show! I’m a little bias though because I’m a host of it. :)